Haeley Gjesvold

Braveheart Wellness. Savage Soul Sessions. Coach.

Libra Sun| Aquarius Rise| Gemini Moon

As a teenager Haeley began studying energy and the Law of Attraction and like any teenager, manifested only the things that really mattered; good grades and money. Shortly after, she manifested a job teaching dance. A career that would span a decade. 

Throughout her 20’s a lot of  learning and experimenting took place. Nothing seemed to fit and the disappointment of each thing not being “it” made it even more discouraging. Frustrated at the state of humanity Haeley found herself choosing to be alone. She stopped dancing, creating and painting. Through many jobs, schools, college majors, and apartments. Haeley found herself at 28 years old finishing two and a half years of science classes for a Radiology degree and asking herself “So, why am I here?”

At this point she dropped everything that wasn’t serving her (which was everything) and took a sabatical. Things fell into place quickly after this; Haeley began diving deeper into self-healing and her connection to spirit and spirit guides. Shamanic healing practices, deep meditation and hot yoga all became her forms of self-care and healing. Haeley soon realized her purpose is to heal others in the same way she healed herself; through movement. Through movement, Haeley was able to express herself differently and better. Gone was the compulsivity, debilitating anxiety and restlessness. 

A long time hot yoga and kundalini yoga practitioner; Haeley loved how she felt after a soulful yoga class but also wanted the cardio and health benefits of a sweaty dance class. Thus Savage Soul Sessions was born. Through dance, movement and energy work Haeley guides others to heal themselves the same way she did; through movement, self truth and radical acceptance. This workout is designed to empower and offer strength to navigate this choatic, messy, beautiful, wild world.

Haeley received her Wellness Coaching certificate through Coach Training EDU; a school accredited by the International Coach Federation. She is also a second degree Reiki Practitioner through the Usui Reiki lineage. 

Constantly curious, Haeley uses her intuition, compassion and own life lessons and observations to guide others towards the life they know is waiting for them.

Haeley accepts a limited number of 1:1 coaching clients, for a free Breakthrough Call Click below