“A home is a kingdom of it’s own in the midst of the world, a stronghold amid life’s storms and stresses, a refuge, even a sanctuary.”

–Dietrick Bonhoeffer


Have you ever walked into a home or business and just felt good?

What was it about that space that made you feel at home? Was it clean? Did it smell nice? Did it have candles or crystals, or a pot of broth simmering on the stove? Copper tea kettles, beautiful houseplants? Little flip flops by the door?

My entire life, I have nourished the spaces I have been in. Whether its the home I grew up in, or my tiny haunted studio apartment. Whether or not I could afford fancy candles or if I had to get a little creative. I have always strived to create a space that is holy and beautiful. I can walk in a room and immediately feel the energy. I know why certain places make us feel good and why they don’t.

The pulse.

To me, home is sacred. And I love helping others access that in their homes.

This is more than “tidying up”

This is a complete energetic overhaul.

This is the place you make magic. create ritual. raise your children. make love. make meals. manifest. dream. nourish. grow.



How do we start?

Together, we start with a consult. I will come assess your home and we’ll have a conversation. We’ll go over all of the details.

Who lives here, what is the current situation. We will go over what you would like it to be, what type of environment you would thrive in. What are your home goals? Do you like feminine floral? Mystical and dark, sleek and modern. Whatever your vision, I can help you achieve it.

We’ll go deeper, why do you not already have your dream space? What exactly is standing between you and your beautiful sacred space?

Together, we will create a gameplan.

This is where the physical momentum starts. Together, we visualize and create checkpoints. Is it organizing, releasing, or just buying some new pretty things to breathe new life into a space.

We work together. We release. We cleanse.

To complete each session I will do a complete Reiki energetic cleanse and filling of each room in the house. Depending on the energy I will use Palo Santo or Sage.

This is a great way  to cleanse and revamp your space. We will work together to find ways to make your space full of magic.

I can offer suggestions and guidance on various topics; crystals, feng shui, organization, house plants, essential oils, even object placement. Whatever you would like to incorporate into your space, but also release.

Using my coaching tools I can also help you establish boundaries for the people you may share your space with, and help you release any negative emotions surrounding clutter or just the general chaos of everyday life.

The Sacred Space Session;

What you get;

  • 1-15 min overview via phone before arrival
  • 1-1.5 hr session of coaching, consulting and clearing
  • Organized homework for you to do before our next check in
  • Reiki energetic clearing and filling of your space.
  • Accountability and email access to me for 1 month after our session.
  • Access to discounted follow up rate.

1-1 hr 30 min session $190

The Hunt and Gather Package;

This is for the committed.

The ready and willing.

The conscious.

By doing these consecutive sessions we are able to detail what we need to work on, create a checkpoint list and I can further support you and offer assistance and accountability.

We talk about release, organization and clearing.

We create not only physical goals but also mental goals to support you in this journey.  We will do everything that’s included in the one off session (listed above) but with this, we are able to spend a little more time delving into the bones of what your space is now, and also how were going to get it to where you want it to be.

What you get;

  • 1-15 min overview via phone before arrival
  • 3-1.5 hr sessions
  • Organized homework for you to do before our next check in.
  • Customized affirmations for you provided shortly after our session.
  • Reiki energetic clearing and filling of your space each session.
  • Accountability and email access to me for 2 months after our sessions.
  • Access to discounted follow up rate.

3- 1.5hr sessions- $540


Follow up check ins;

This is a 45 min session designed for when you would like a little check in after our sessions. We can work on smaller projects or maybe you would just like a beautiful cleansing and filling of your space before a holiday, birthday, new moon. Maybe you had an house guest that overstayed their welcome. Maybe you received some negative news and you want to revisit your intentions. Maybe you just want to show me all of the beautiful progress you have made since our last visit.

This is open and flexible. You define what this session will provide.

1-45 min session- $50

Upon confirmation of purchase, you will receive a email notification from me to schedule our first session!

*This offer is limited to Portland OR, and the surrounding area (15 mile radius). Contact me for special travel rates.