My name is Haeley and I am so happy you have found your way here. I cannot wait to see what magic we can create! I believe there is an electric, vibrant person in all of us. I truly believe that. Trouble is, most of us have never really been taught how to expose the things that light us up. Or the things that have quietly been holding us back. The human condition is so turned off to the intuitional style of learning that we’ve lost touch of what we as humans, truly need. We’ve learned how to act happy, carry on or simply keep ourselves so busy that it’s the perfect excuse not to explore and nourish our inner fire. We’ve avoided change, been afraid to speak up, or try something new. It is my belief that there is an entire galaxy of creativity and freedom inside of you just waiting to make it’s beautiful presence in your life. Through exploration and creativity, that beaming light within you can finally regain the space it needs to breath and expand. And it’s beautiful.


From my own experiences, I know that sometimes growth is soft and dreamy, but sometimes it’s scary. When you take the time to dig deep and expose the inner truths that may have been holding you back, it’s not always pretty. BUT:


It’s f*cking worth it.


Maybe this sounds like mystical nonsense to you. But maybe what I’m saying is resonating, and this is the fresh air you’ve been searching for. Regardless, I am deeply honored to be a part of others’ journeys and am constantly inspired and excited for my clients. I am energetically rooting for you already. I invite you to dream big Braveheart, because now is the time to take ownership of your life. It may seem scary, but your very own vibrant, creative, electric, sexy, radiant life is on the other side.

It’s time to be brave.

“Water the root

and the whole tree

grows strong


heal your soul

and your whole life

will blossom”


-Xan Oku