I believe in a thing called boundaries.

My mission is to teach women to not only get comfortable saying no but I want them to LOVE saying no; without guilt, shame or regret.

boundaries = Standards

Ive gone through many phases of my life as a total people pleaser. I spent LOADS of time, energy and money on other people. Sometimes because i wanted to avoid confrontation or “rocking the boat.” Other times, I was just too complacent and just decided it  was easier to “go with the flow.”

I adapted to playing small to make others comfortable, I bit my tongue to avoid argument, and I peacefully adopted other peoples problems. I became frustrated, resentful and anxious all because I lacked boundaries. 

Then I got REALLY GOOD at creating boundaries which then led to me feeling isolated and overworked. I lost my sense of community and the joy I once had from helping others. I became cold and distant. 

standards = life.

Learning how to BALANCE BOUNDARIES changed my life and it’s my mission to help others do the same.

I now get to help women be unapologetically themselves and truly step into their power. 

Creating Braveheart Wellness has been my life lessons in progress. My company is designed and developed to help busy ass women find refuge within themselves in order to create an empowered life outside themselves;

It always starts within babe.


so what does coaching look like?

We gain clarity.

Day one of your boundary journey involves LOADS of clarity. Consider this your first breath of fresh air.
It's time to prepare.
Lets lay down the foundation.
It's time to get real; what do boundaries mean to you and where do they show up in your life?
Or in many cases, where are boundaries not showing up.
Work life balance? Kids? Making time for yourself? Inability to say no?
All boundaries.
Lets lay it all out on the table; we will sort and compartmentalize.

We visualize.

Lets get creative!
Together, we will custom design and visualize your new life! Completely catered to you and your passions.
I'll guide you through a beautiful visualization exercise and we will start watching your life transform.
The purpose of this process is to adjust your state of being.
Lets get EXCITED.
Warning; woo talk ahead;
BUT when your in an excitable state everything that your bringing into your life is gonna come 100x faster.
And that's a fact babe.

We release.

Sometimes it's scary to let things go but this is the point in your boundary journey where you will find yourself at the precipice of change.
The best part?
You will feel READY.
And your gonna be excited.
Sometimes, it's obvious what needs to stay and what needs to go. Other times it takes a little digging.

We will sort all of that out.

This stage is NECESSARY in order to make room for the beautiful new things coming into your life.

We dig deep.

Lets get to the bones babe.
What patterns have you been repeating? Where do boundaries keep deflecting your true needs and what is the root cause of it?

Lets DEFINE your boundary blocks.

Everything that we are bringing into our lives comes from our most powerful assets; Mindset + Boundaries + Standards.
This is where we locate ALL of the hidden boundary blocks that may be hidden deep and prepare to release them.

We decide.

This is where momentum really starts to build.
Chances are, if your working with boundary blocks decision making is scary!

I hear ya and I got you babe.

To implement change, we MUST make decisions. But I will support and guide you through the entire process.
This stage is designed to educate you to know the difference between anxiety action and empowered action and your gonna get really comfortable making yourself a priority.

In all aspects of your life.

We implement.

Transformation. Breakthrough.
Rinse and Repeat.
Consider this the bloom.
All of the preparation, clearing, visualizing and releasing will bring you to this stage and it is BEAUTIFUL and EMPOWERING.
It all comes down to this babe;
The thoughts inspire the action and the action inspires the result.

Lets do this thang.

Consider this your invitation to dream BIG Savage Soul because regardless of what your boundary story has been currently, the end has not been written and it will be a pleasure rewriting that story with you.



Image Source: WOCinTechChat, Icon Finder