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  • "I loved my session with Haeley! She is very easy to talk to and seemed to know exactly what questions to ask. I appreciate her giving me an actual process and practicable work to help me stay in the zone! Definitely good people, very intuitive, smart and helpful. Thanks for everything!

    Rachel K.
  • Wow! Working with Haeley was truly a blessing. I felt empowered and supported. I was surprised at how quickly we were able to figure out patterns that I was doing to myself that was holding me back; stuff I had been trying to figure out on my own for a long time. Such deep work. My heart is full.

    Amanda R
  • Transformative. The only word to describe the work I have been doing with Haeley is transformative. She created such a safe space for me to hash out all of the things that had been holding me back and one by one we have been dissecting them. She is patient and warm. I feel so inspired and like I actually can have a life that is full of passion and light. Deep gratitude for her.

    Terra M

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Welcome Home Braveheart.