Wild Mind For The Tigers Eye. How to Embrace the Elements.

To be wild is to be free. 

It is to be liberated from conformity. 

It is unadulterated, unabashed, and unwilling.

It is actually not giving a shit if other people think what your doing is great, or “cool” or right. And not just saying you don’t give a shit because you actually do give a shit but it’s cooler to not.

To be wild is to embody all of the elements. 

Water. Fire. Air. Earth.



When you need to be versatile. 


Filling space as needed.

When you must remember.

When you must put your mission aside for the greater good.

For when you must take any form; making yourself small as a river or grand as the ocean. 

When your being called to remain frozen, stoic. Unattached to outcome.

When you are being called to cleanse and release.

When your being called to circulate; replenish.

When it is time to explore the depths.

To embrace your cyclical nature.

To be pulled by the moon.



When your soul calls you to fight.

When your on defense.


Power. Strength. Will.


When you have an idea that must be spread.

When you must be unapologetic.

Fire for ignition. Making yourself much grander than imagined.


Fire for release.


Ashes for rebirth.

Golden embers for your hopes, dreams, future.

Embracing the heat as it escalates. Rising. Burning.

Until being quiet is no longer an option.

When you believe something in your bones and refuse to settle.


For when you find gasoline and realize your ideas are matches. 


When you are being called to create.

To levitate among others.





Air for breath.


Bridging the gap.

Connecting us to divine.

Absorbing energy.

Refracting light.



Radiating softness.

When you need a full exhale. Softening.

Embracing perspective. For testing new lenses.

For being powerful yet invisible. Wild and free.


To heal.

For grounding. 


Heritage, family, routine, inner self.

When others call on you.

When you must help.

Fully embracing your strength, stability and stamina.


For setting our roots.

Summoning patience. 

Earth for the long haul.

For the work beneath the surface.

To learn. To engulf.


Sacrifice. For the times to put your head down.

When you must stay solid, vigilant, consistent. 




Whether we are aware or not, we utilize these elements everyday. Some feels better than others, some may challenge us. Mindfulness teaches us to differentiate which element we are embodying, and patience teaches us in which element we need to call on for a desired outcome. By practicing this; we can further grow into our power.


Journal Prompt:

What element am I in today?

In which element to I feel most at peace?

In which element do I feel most challenged?

How can shifting from one element to the next benefit my life and purpose?


“I flow with own personal alchemy.”

“What I feel is in exact alignment to what I should feel.”

“I am a divine force.”

“I am created for this.”